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{ yank me out of my daydream }
3rd Jun 2010 @ 07:34 am - 本当の嘘
☂ mood: uncomfortable
♫ music: GLAY - Father & Son

I lied.

Kind of.

I really thought I would post again in here but looks like once again I quickly lost interest... I got a twitter account, mostly to follow Hisa & Teru, but it's getting really difficult to update since the C. governement is blocking every freaking new bridge I use on Tor... I really need to find an alternative... I still enjoy blogging but I guess I got too lazy to write anymore.

So I've come to this conclusion, I'm putting this journal on hiatus. I'll probably only update once in a blue moon but will still use my account to post/comment on other journals.

Might change my mind next month.

As usual.
7th May 2009 @ 10:09 pm - Fever@Yaon
lm.c {denkiman}
So, here is my second attempt at writing a live report~
Don't expect a fully detailed, second by second report because my memory is not that good, it's more like a "things I liked" report.

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21st Aug 1987 @ 04:49 pm - FO
☂ mood: dorky
♫ music: NEVER MIND - What's goin' on ~極悪トニー~

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30th Apr 1987 @ 08:56 pm - Sendspace leftovers
☂ mood: okay
♫ music: LM.C - @FUNNY PHANTOM@

Since I have nothing better to do, I've decided to post the files I've uploaded on my sendspace account...

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16th Apr 1987 @ 04:47 pm - playlist
I'm keeping my playlist unlocked and up for requests,
Feel free to request anything ^^

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